Web Design in Grand Rapids

There are an incredible amount of web design companies at your disposal once you make the decision that you are searching for a website. Whether you are looking for a personal blog, a business website, or a full-blown e-commerce solution to launch your product or service; there are some things you should know before moving forward with your project.

Some web designers will talk about how they have been designing websites for a very long time. While this may be important to some, when it comes down to it time on the internet just means that someone is likely very set in their ways and less creative at finding unique solutions for each client. Someone who has been “designing websites since 1998” very likely uses boring templates, cookie-cutter content and spits out websites at a rapid pace. One should be cautious when approaching these types of web designers, because while the experience may seem important at first glance in reality the young up-and-coming web designers are where many feel the true value is. The younger web design company in Grand Rapids MI will have fresh ideas on how to arrange your website, and unique ideas for driving traffic and ultimately leads to your business.

This bring me to the next point: when searching for a web design company, always ask them what they can tell you about search engine optimization (SEO). SEO plays a huge role in how well a website performs for search engines, because while we view websites as a beautiful array of text and images, search engines read websites as garbled code and CSS smashed together which is what makes the site so aesthetically pleasing when viewed by people such as yourself. A good web design company will employ an SEO or outsource/recommend you to a good SEO Company who can take the web designers work and keep it intact while at the same time allowing search engines to view it as beautifully as it was designed.

A final item of importance when searching for a good web design company in Michigan is looking at their current portfolio (the same goes for the SEO company!). While years of experience are not necessarily important, a good company should be able to prove a solid track record of success for their clients. If a company does not have the ability to increase business for its web clients, why would you bother working with them? Is your ultimate goal not to drive traffic to your website, convert visitors into leads and eventually paying customers?

If you would like a website to sit stagnant and not bring in business, by all means go with a company that cannot prove any results! There are numerous high school and college kids on Craigslist who would be happy to create you a website for the cost of a game console. The problem with this route is these websites will not likely add value to your business, but rather have a neutral or even detrimental effect.